Symfony, Varnish and HTTP: practical considerations

One of the biggest drawbacks of Symfony is it’s performance. Knowing the massive amount of features that comes with it, and the structure of the framework itself, this is to some point normal. However, if we want to deploy enterprise applications made in Symfony, we must, at some point, make use of a reverse cache proxy. This is applicable to any type of application on the internet: a caching strategy is a must, your servers and your users will greatly appreciate it.

What I have learned after one year of uninterrupted Symfony2 development

This past year I have been working with this framework, Symfony2, in a large-scale project involving several high-end technologies. We chose to use this framework to develop our base code because the team already had an expert PHP and other framework experiences. After a year of writing a lot of the code that the application currently uses, I can’t help but write some personal thoughts about it.