One of my passions is travelling. This section contains writing about this hobby. Beware! Some of these writings may be in Spanish instead of English!

A Japan trip: Okinawa and Shikoku, Day 3

I wake up early since I have to go to the airport to fly to Okinawa. I told the owner the night before I would be leaving early, before their breakfast time, so they prepared it before hand and left it in the table for me, which is a nice detail. Breakfast itself is not that good, just the typical american style but nothing special.

A Japan trip: Okinawa and Shikoku, Day 2

My strategy for avoiding the jet lag almost worked, but it started raining strongly in the middle of the night so I wake up at 4:00 more or less. I could scrap some sleep until 7, but after that I just get up and started planning my day. I will stay one more day in Tokyo before heading to Okinawa the next day. I had to since the best connection only existed on Monday.

A Japan trip: Okinawa and Shikoku, Day 1

I woke up and we were almost ready for landing. What a great pleasure to have spent most of your trip sleeping, so these almost 10 hours of flight actually feels like 2 or 3! This is my first time in the Narita airport. Immigration is surprisingly fast and I’m out on my own after around 30 min, not bad.

Viaje express a las Cataratas del Iguazú

Llego el aeropuerto de Foz de Iguazú por la tarde. Este aeropuerto está situado bastante cerca de la ciudad y conecta con buena parte de Brasil, en mi casa, con Porto Alegre. Es un aeropuerto pequeño, aunque parece bien cuidado. Al salir del avión me apresuro a la salida. Allí veo que uno de los típicos conductors lleva un cartel con mi nombre. Me extraño puesto que los de la agencia con los que hago el tour por las cataratas me dijeron que sólo incluía el traslado desde Puerto Iguazú (la ciudad argentina).

Un viaje por Japón en Abril

This is a long travel diary that I wrote when travelling for a second time in Japan. That was back in April 2016. Unfortunately, I wrote it in Spanish and I don’t feel like translating myself, so you are gonna have to learn Spanish to read it. Sorry!